Austin Brookner is a singer-songwriter and pianist.  His latest release, Unfiltered (2016) includes lyrical contributions from writer Nick Tosches.  He released two studio albums under the stage name Austin Thomas: Never ‘Til It’s Too Late (2014), Indie Go Away (2012).  He has recorded with musicians Marc Ribot, Tony Garnier, Anton Fier, Lenny Kaye, Chris Cochrane, and Anthony Coleman.  He was classically trained in piano.  He has also published short stories, poetry, and articles in several online and print literary journals.  He was born in New York City.

"Get ready to meet your new favorite Richmond singer/songwriter" - RVA Magazine, Richmond, VA.

"A newcomer to the Richmond singer/songwriter scene by way of New York...His first studio album, “Indie Go Away,” was recorded last year with guitarist Marc Ribot." - RVA Playlist