Austin Brookner has recorded with Nick Tosches, Lenny Kaye, Marc Ribot, Tony Garner, Anthony Coleman, Anton Fier, Chris Cochrane, and JD Foster.

He was born in New York City and currently lives in Texas.

Bill Bentely's Review for AUTOHAGIOGRAPHY :

"Brookner is a no-frills singer, someone who burrows deep into the center of the song's universe and stays there. With just bass and drums behind him and his guitar, the man shapes everything through the lens of someone who is equally at home on a bus bench as a bandstand. The time is right for a musician of this bent, considering so much falseness has invaded the national consciousness and it's hard to tell where the bottom is. One listen to "After I Get Rid of Everybody (And You Get Rid of Me)" sets things right, and it's all up, or down depending on location and gravity, from there.  Even with an album title that calls for use of a dictionary to discover its meaning, Austin Brookner isn't afraid to walk the line..."  Click here for rest of review


"Get ready to meet your new favorite Richmond singer/songwriter" - RVA Magazine, Richmond, VA.

"A newcomer to the Richmond singer/songwriter scene by way of New York...His first studio album, “Indie Go Away,” was recorded last year with guitarist Marc Ribot." - RVA Playlist